Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Associated Press Called to Expose Gov. Corruption

                  Attention: Associated Press & USA Today

Contact: Jesha Miller                            Breaking News
1110 Adams Ave.
Evansville In. 47714
                                  Evidence FBI are part of Government Corruption
       The FBI were petitioned to investigate Jesha Miller's Rights Violated Under Color of Law & sent document affirming this to be Fact. The Unit Chief, Sandra A. Bungo returned a letter saying that after reviewing my allegations they had determined there  was no evidence of misconduct by Special Agent Flagerty or any other FBI employee. Therefore, no further action will be taken by this office.
       As evidence that a crime had been committed attachment were with the trial transcripts affirming the Judge David Kiley committed a CRIME pursuant to Title 18 sec. 243 which the exclusion of jurors on account of race. Next you have a document for Brian Flagerty & then U.S. Attorney Timothy M. Morrison to arrest & indict  Judge David Kiely for the Federal Crime which they failed to do. This is aiding & abetting a criminal from justice by their refusal to arrest him for a crime which they have done to numerous other people which they refuse to do when it involves one of their own. The evidence goes on to show that the U.S. Supreme Court committed dereliction of duty by refusing their duty to review the records when addressed by Habeas Corpus & releasing the prisoner from the illegal restraint. The 14th Amendment mandate that race discrimination be eliminated from all official acts & proceedings of the State is most compelling in the Judicial system. The statutory prohibition on discrimination in the selection of jurors 18 U.S.C. sec. 243, enacted
pursuanty to the 14th Amendments enabling clause makes race neutrality in jury selection a visible & inevitable measure of the Judicial Systems own commitment to the demands of the Constitution. This affirms the entire Judicial Branch is corrupt, including the FBI. This is what they don't
want known to continue their corruption. Be not deceived, they cover this up because this includes the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder & the FBI's own Public Integrity Section- Raymond Hulser so why wouldn't they say they see no evidence to save their own Branch of government. The FBI knew of this corruption all along & has done nothing because as I say the whole Judicial Branch of government is corrupt. On Blog you can see the evidence & oppression because I asked for 2 million in advance as a show of good faith & they say they don't see nothing. You can see for yourself so I have earned the right to the media for this to be known by the public.
Go to evidencefbipartofgovcorruption.blogspot.com.
 At the blog is certified documentation, the Court's dated stamps, & FBI signature
to affirm this for publication.
Respectfully Submitted- Jesha Miller
Date 9-21-2011
       I, Jesha Miller, seek publication of corruption throughout the Judicial Branch of government, including the U.S. Supreme Court & the FBI. This
corruption can no longer be conceiled for the AP would then be aiding &
abetting a criminal from justice, willfully interfering to deny the guaranteed
rights by concealment from the public. A truth detrimental to the Constitutional right to freedom & justice & those rights guaranteed under
the Bill of Rights. This government corruption must be transmitted in print,
on the air, the web, images, sound & video. This requires the highest standard of integrity so the truth must not be conceiled.
       I am the source, knowledgeable & reliable submitting only facts as evidence on the blog, no opinion or speculation. I ask not for money for
interviews or photographs, only that the truth be published to expose
corruption. Quote from Melville Stone " the thing it is striving for is a truthful, unbiased report of the worlds happenings ethical in the highest
degree." Transparency is critical to credibility with the public so my story
on our government corruption must be published in order to uphold the
integrity of the Constitution itself.
(1)  In support the material evidence is vital to the news report.
(2)  The evidence is there in the blog, actual copies & documents.
(3)  Accurate & ready for thorough examination for news managers to
      send to the news desk meeting AP guidelines. My identity is not
      hidden. Evidence has FBI signature, the courts stamps, & certification
      so detailed that there is no question of its accuracy.
       My position is I, Jesha Miller have petitioned the use of the Constitutions checks & balances to prove before a candid world that
the entire Judicial Branch of government is corrupt which is as intended
by the Framers of the Constitution to prevent abuse of power & protect
the rights of "we the people" of the U.S. of America. The story is truly
significant, an unprecedented event in history, being not only news worthy
but vital to upholding the integrity of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights,
rights which government must protect, but instead have violated. Officials
having violated rights under color of law & must be held accountable,
requiring comment as the integrity of the Judicial Branch of government
is in question. It is because I present material evidence the conceilment
can go on no longer. Go to evidencefbipartofgovcorruption.blogspot.com to view the evidence & notify me of the publication. This was the response
to fbicalledtoinvestigatepresobama.blogspot.com.

                         This affirms there are no Blacks & Judge David Kiely willfully imposes an all White
                        Jury. Violation of rights under color of law.
                    Jurors excluded on account of race. Violates the 14 th Amendment &
                   Constitutional Law # 250.2 (4) which provides: Every Black Man has a right
                  under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution U.S.C.A., that in the selection of
                  jurors to pass on his life. liberty, or property, there shall (meaning must) be no
                  exclusion of his race & no discrimination against them because of their color.
                  Virginia v. Rives 100 U.S. 313
                    Judge David Kiely fails to perform his constitutional duty- recognized by sec. 4 of
                   the Civil Rights Act of March 1, 1875.. Not to pursue a conduct in the administration of their
                  office which would operate to discriminate in the selection of jurors on racial grounds.
                 Federal Crime pursuant to Title 18 sec. 243.
               FBI agent Flaherty petitioned to arrest & indict Judge Kiely which he failed to do
               to aid & abet Judge Kiely from justice. The FBI have turned their head to this.
              Signature below his office received this.
                            U.S. Attorney Timothy Morrison failed also & then resigned.
                  Dereliction of duty by the U.S. Supreme Court to review the Habeas Corpus &
               release Jesha Miller from the illegal imprisonment. Abuse of power under Art. I
               sec. 9-- Powers denied government.

                   U.S. Supreme Court corruption as they refuse their affirmative duty & shows they
                   have no commitment to the demands of the constitution. 14th Amendment Mandate.

               Motive for U.S. Supreme Court to cover-up the crime & deny 10 million dollars
             for the illegal restraint & 40 million in punitive damages to prevent corruption by officials.
                    U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder also refused to enforce the law as part of the
                   government cover-up.
                    Raymond Hulser of the Public Integrity Section also refused to perform his duty
           as part of the gov. cover-up,.
                         A crime Title 18 sec. 243

                           FBI corruptrion